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Dr William Davies



All clinicians want to provide patients with the maximum benefit, but many are acutely aware that while they are providing one person with the best they can offer, they are providing ten or more others with nothing at all. And that clearly isn’t equitable, either for the patients concerned or for the clinician, who often feels frustrated and under pressure as a result. This course is designed to illustrate that there is a realistic solution to the dilemma and that a single session input can be surprisingly effective and rewarding, both for patients and clinicians. Appropriately for busy clinicians, this is a suitably short course!

The APT has mastered the delivery of Single Session Therapy training 'online anytime'; providing top class training you can access right now or any time that suits you. No longer do you have to wait for 'the start date' of the course.

"Really good to be given reassurance that this form of therapy can be the most appropriate and the skills to deliver this to a high standard."

Single Session Therapy (SST) training from the Association for Psychological Therapies (APT), includes APT accreditation, certification, and resources. And the APT has perfected the art of delivering it in a way that makes it appear simple and easy to apply.

"I found this course to be very helpful. SST will definitely be a new tool I will use in my role and be very beneficial to service users as well as the efficiency of the service. I feel more confident in some aspects of my role due to this training."

With a wealth of clinical experience, Dr William Davies presents the course with relevant examples and an engaging lightness which perfectly complements the power of the subject.


"Very much enjoyed this training ... the best external training provider I have experienced in the last few years."

This course gives you a thorough introduction to Single Session Therapy, it is APT-accredited, and gives you access to important resources for you to use post-course.

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Course Overview:

  • The rationale for and effectiveness of single session therapy.

  • Level 1 SST: 'Counselling and advice'.
  • Level 2 SST: 'Focusing on goals and how to achieve them'.
  • Level 3 SST: 'Focusing on problems and how to solve them'.
  • Level 4 SST: 'Case formulation and Plan'.
  • How to decide which level to aim at: which level suits you and which level suits the patient you are with.


What this course will do for you. You will...

  • You will be familiar with the rationale and use for single session therapy.
  • You will know how to deliver single session therapy that helps the patient substantially, and suits you.
  • You will be able to boost people's faith in their own ability to succeed.
  • You will know how to give advice, and be able to do that skilfully.

Who should attend?

People who attend this course normally fall into one of two categories:

1. Groups of professionals who see patients in 1:1 treatment settings, have a significant degree of clinical skill, and wish to become proficient in offering single session therapy.

2. 'Whole teams' (either in inpatient or community settings) seeking to develop a unified level of proficiency in single session therapy.

The professional affiliations of people attending this course include: mental health/psychiatric nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, probation officers and others working in a variety of settings including: Substance Misuse, Forensic, Adult Mental Health, and Children & Adolescents.



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By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate APT Accreditation, Level 2 (12 hours CPD)

Learning Credits

Chapter 1 Introduction
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Chapter 2 Some Background Thinking
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Chapter 3 Levels of Single Session Therapy
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Chapter 4 Introducing SST to your clients
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Chapter 5 A new model
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Chapter 6 The Skills Implied
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Chapter 7 Signposting
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Chapter 8 Some Important Concepts
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Chapter 9 Who might it not work for
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Chapter 10 Evaluation and Practice Based Evidence
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Chapter 11 Applying what we have covered
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Chapter 12 What have you earned What have you earned by attending
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it was a good course and gave a good structure how to carry out single sessions. I will use it in my practice.
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really enjoyed this course!
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Great course!
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Thank you
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Thanks for the wonderful time!
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