Helping the Patient Apply What's Covered In-Session: ‘Agreeing homework’ is just the start

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Dr William Davies



In this distance learning module from the APT, you'll learn strategies to help your patients consistently and effectively apply what is addressed during therapy sessions. There are 148 hours in a week and therapy maybe takes up just one of those, so what patients do in the remaining 147 is crucial, and we need to have strategies for addressing exactly that.

This module is part of the exciting Higher Order Therapy series of one hour modules. Each consists of an audio lasting 15-30 minutes, plus an exercise and resources for you to you use and practice with afterwards. The series is so named because it features all the 'higher order' factors that make therapy successful. If you examine the leading therapies they overlap to a fascinating degree, so by studying all the overlapping elements and then 'picking off' the elements that are unique to each particular therapy you achieve an extraordinary power and breadth in your ability to help others. And this is what the Higher Order Therapy series enables you to do. 

If you are an experienced therapist looking at the Higher Order Therapy modules you will quickly be able to see the ones you are proficient at and the ones you maybe need to brush up on, and that's exactly what you can do here. 

Every module in the Higher Order Therapy series is designed to be accessible, relevant and engaging, so encouraging both novice and expert therapists alike to develop exactly those elements they want to.

Finally, don't be misled by the price; you may feel that the low price suggests these are not serious modules whereas in fact they very much are. The APT's purpose is to make the best, most relevant and engaging training accessible to as many mental health professionals as possible.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate 1 hour CPD

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Helping Patients Apply What's Covered In-Session
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Added over 2 years ago, by Anonymous
This was great. Straight to the point and appreciated the resources shared.

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